z Extra Credit

Score Card

week 1

___ Global Expedition

___ Adventures in Mission

week 2

___ (priesthood of the believer)

___ the call – Ravi Z

honor your calling

Extra Credit List for 1.0


Priesthood of the Believer

(POB quiz  PDF)

Week 2

(Priesthood of the Believer)

week 3Worldly “phobias”

week 4

___ Trinity___ Jesus___Baptism___


___Eternity___The Bible___


week 5

___ Mormons

___Jehovah’s Witness___

Santiago – JW –  –  Mormons


Free Masons

RPG (role playing games)  –  RPG article 2

American Indian conversion

Native American spiritualism / Shamans

___Muslim finds Christ in Quran

Ex Satanist finds Christ

WICCAN finds Christ  –  Wicca part 2

Christian world view – Ravi Z

week 6

___ CG how we got the Bible

___How do I defend the Bible

week 7

LaCrae speaks on Earthly Authority

Apostles Creed

Denomination Charts — Leader match up page

Other Religious Highlights



Liberal vs Conservative Theology

(LC quiz PDF)

Cults Occult quiz PDF

(Religion extra quiz PDF)

Craig G Bible Facts

History of the Bible CG QUIZ PDF

Bible Trivia 100

Wicca notes

King James Version

KJV only video

KJV only notes

Appealing to Authorities

Appeal quiz PDF

Exercising Spiritual Authority – Tony Evans

Power of Spiritual Authority scripture


Week 4

Apostles Creed PDF

Liberal / Conservative Theology


Week 5

Stupid quotes from CULTS

Cults and Occult

Cult quick ref guide

Catholic vs Protestant

Catholic Idols

Sacraments and Saints

Luther Catechism, confessional, Rosary

Week 6

History of the Bible CG

Week 7

Appealing to Authority

The Believers Authority (spiritual Power)





Scripture for False Religion

and the Occult 




week 8

week 9

week 10

week 11

___Holy Spirit 1

___Holy Spirit 2

___Holy Spirit 3

___Holy Spirit 4

week 12

Evangelism stats

Prayer stats

Mission Stats

week 11 – Spiritual Gifts info

sp gift test 2

youth sp gifts

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Week 8

week 9

week 10

week 11

week 12

The 10-40 Window  –

The Great CoMission

Unreached People

Chuck Swindol – (DTS)

Discouragement – VIDEO

MISC Study

Power of the Holy Spirit


Why people become Atheist

Talking with an atheist about faith

Always be ready.ORG

Creation Evidence Museum

Ravi Zacharias Norman Geisler

Answers In Genesis

CS Lweis

Kent Hovind

Walter Martin

Josh McDowel


Apologetics 315

 Chuck Colson

RC Sproul

Lee Strobel

Hank Hannegraff

John Ankerberg

Where did God come from? DNA and Creation What is Secular Humanism?
What about dinosaurs?

Can we trust the Bible?

The case for Christ Constitution / Bill of Rights

Wallbuilders – David Barton

Can we trust Biblical archeology? Are all Religions equal? What is a Cult?

DOCUMENTS / Research –

Questions and Stats.       –        Scripture      –    Humanist Manifesto

Worldview charts       –       Secular Terminology   –

Class outline / Order   –

What about Suffering? Can a loving God send someone to Hell? Did Jesus claim to be God?
Atheist beliefs?

Pro Life

Abortion survivor  –  (2)

“trick baby”

What are Christian Ethics?

How we get Morals

Is there really Absolute Truth?

 Is the Virgin Birth true?
Evolution Interviews  Contradictions in the Bible?  Resurrection for real?

THE   TRUTH   PROJECT  –   What is Truth (VIDEO)

Leaders Guide  –  Class Summary



1. Veritology

What is Truth?

terms  –  outline

4. Theology

who is God?

terms  –  outline

7. Sociology

the divine imprint

terms  –  outline

2. Philosophy and Ethics

says who?

terms  –  outline

5. Science

what is true ?

terms  –  outline

8. Unio Mystica

am I alone ?

terms  –  outline

3. Anthropology

who is man?

terms  –  outline

6. History

whose story ?

terms  –  outline

9. The State

whose law ?

terms  –  outline

10. The American Experiment

stepping stones

terms  –  outline

11. Labor

created to create

terms  –  outline

12. Community & Involvement

God cares, do I ?

terms  –  outline