Ravi Zacharias says “a worldview is not built on one idea or position, but on several ideas with a common thread” 

WorldView Positions (PDF)

Worldly “Phobias”

The Science Delusion  –  10 Dogmas  – Rupert Sheldrake

watch video here  –   Read Introduction here

W. L. Craig – what science can not prove

”     ”      ”    –  Origin of the universe


Modern churches and Tolerance? Ravi Z

2 SIDES of Biblical “Tolerance”

Religious Tolerance 1   –   Religious Tolerance 2

Atheist view of Tolerance   –   The New Tolerance and Moral Relativism

The “Nashville Statement”  –  The Denver statement

The churches tolerance of homosexuality

Acceptance or Approval?

Worldview  (Christian or Secular)


Introduction –

Notes (Introduction)

Worldview charts

Secular Worldview terms

Week 1 – Creation

week 1  NOTES

Dr Hovind, “where did God

come from” PDF

Ken Ham (the Lie)

4 parts of a worldview

Different worldviews

Christian worldview (2)


worldview 3 –

Evolution interviews

Where did God come from?

Big Bang Hoax

Introduction – PDF

worldview quiz 1



Creation  – PDF

worldview quiz 2

Week 2 – Sanctity of Life

  week 2  NOTES

Abortion scripture

 truth project worldview

Pro Life 1Pro Life 2

“Trick baby”

Pro life celebrities

Chris, Jenn & Hope

M. Luther – suicide

Pro Life  – PDF

worldview quiz 3



Week 3 – TRUTH

week 3 NOTES

 worldview outline 3



Week 4 – Eternity

week 4 NOTES

5 crowns / 2 thrones

worldview 4

Right vs Wrong interviews

Christian Ethics

How does a good Good allow evil?


Proof for resurrection

J McDowell – proofs

Shroud of Turin

R Zach – Death, Eternity

Absolute Truth – PDF

worldview quiz 4



Eternity  – PDF

worldview quiz 5



Always be ready.ORG

Creation Evidence Museum

Ravi Zacharias Norman Geisler

Answers In Genesis

CS Lweis

Kent Hovind

Walter Martin

Josh McDowel

Apologetics 315

 Chuck Colson

RC Sproul

Lee Strobel

William Lane Craig

Hank Hannegraff

John Ankerberg

Where did God come from? DNA and Creation What is Secular Humanism?
What about dinosaurs?

Can we trust the Bible?

The case for Christ Constitution / Bill of Rights

Wallbuilders – David Barton

Can we trust Biblical archeology? Are all Religions equal? What is a Cult?

DOCUMENTS / Research –

Questions and Stats.       –        Scripture      –    Humanist Manifesto

Worldview charts       –       Secular Terminology   –

Class outline / Order   –

What about Suffering? Can a loving God send someone to Hell? Did Jesus claim to be God?
Atheist beliefs?

Pro Life

Abortion survivor  –  (2)

“trick baby”

What are Christian Ethics?

How we get Morals

Is there really Absolute Truth?

 Is the Virgin Birth true?
Evolution Interviews  Contradictions in the Bible?  Resurrection for real?


THE   TRUTH   PROJECT  –   What is Truth (VIDEO)

Leaders Guide  –  Class Summary



1. Veritology

What is Truth?

terms  –  outline

4. Theology

who is God?

terms  –  outline

7. Sociology

the divine imprint

terms  –  outline

2. Philosophy and Ethics

says who?

terms  –  outline

5. Science

what is true ?

terms  –  outline

8. Unio Mystica

am I alone ?

terms  –  outline

3. Anthropology

who is man?

terms  –  outline

6. History

whose story ?

terms  –  outline

9. The State

whose law ?

terms  –  outline

10. The American Experiment

stepping stones

terms  –  outline

11. Labor

created to create

terms  –  outline

12. Community & Involvement

God cares, do I ?

terms  –  outline


Conservative or Liberal Views ?

Right or Left ?


Guide for political discussions in church  –  Power, Abuse, Appeal –  (outline PDF)

Gods laws vs Mans laws   –   Biblical Values

Where do I get my personal core values?

What are my personal core values?

What are our churches 7 core values?

Political Platforms and Campaigns

What is a Liberal Church? Graph of right vs left Graph of churches
 Churches and Homosexuality Christian denominations and Evolution  Liberal vs Conservative Scripture verses
 Exodus in Liberal Churches

Shapiro vs Carl Lentz (Abortion)

 Am I liberal or Conservative?

Biased viewpoints

 Politics and Religion video

David Barton / Original Intent

(500 page PDF)

Wall Builders – Museum video

WB Enemy against America?

Debate with Atheist

What is a Government?  –  World Government Rankings

Quiz 1Quiz 1 PDF   —   Quiz 2  –  Quiz 2 PDF