Berean 3.0

Berean 3.0 (END TIMES) “Eschatology” 

Living in Enid America 4-8-20

CORONAVIRUS – signs of the times?

Church, Faith, and Government

Conspiracies and The Bible

PRINTED  NOTES  (PDF) Islam summary (PDF)

Class Outline and Notes

1st, 2nd & 3rd Temple

Poster scanned

Apologetics Warfare

Why study Prophecy?

Prophet and Prophecy

7 churches chart

Current Events

Warfare in the Heavenlies

Take 50 question test here (link)

Advanced Test link

End Time scriptures 11 pages

More scripture & events

Glossary of terms M Bickle

  One World Religion

Top Signs of the End Times 

Seals, Trumpets & Bowls

(EXAM PDF) .. (Advanced quiz PDF)

Prophetic signs being fulfilled

End Time Charts 

Multiple Raptures in Bible timeline

 Summary of the Book of Daniel

Summary of the Book of Revelation

List of PRE & POST Trib teachers

World Religions, worldviews, end times


(End Times 3 clips

from LC)

John Hagee – Israel

slide show picts

EPICENTER – Documentary

(90 minutes)

Hal Lindsey 2016 review

Israel / Palestine conflict

(1 & 1/2 hours)

(2nd half of Tribulation)

(Video 3)

(7 Raptures)

What is the United Nations?

Post Trib – Zac Poonen 

The Late Great Planet Earth

(90 minutes)

Walter Martin post trib

(Tribulation signs)

 Jimmy Evans – End Times

Jimmy Evans – Israel

at the tipping point

Oprah, Morgan, & all world religion


(Why Israels boundaries play such an important role in prophecy)

1.Abrahams journey to

Promised Land

3.Abraham, Jews, and

Muslim origins

 7.Armageddon MAP
2.Original Biblical promise

Land boundaries

4.- 12 tribes

6.- 4 maps 1946 Israel  8.Jews and Muslim

Land Mass worldwide

5.New Testament Israel

Northern –   Southern  –

9. Origin of Palestine

and Israels homeland

10. Complete Israel


Hollywoods take on end times – 

(Why do Christians know more about these movies than they do the Bible?)

Ghostbusters and the

book of Revelation

Several clips

War of the worlds

Bill Maher Rigilulous
Armageddon I am Legend  Legion
Day after tomorrow Sum of all Fears

Islamic (Muslim) views vs Christianity:

Printed resources  –                  Videos  –                                    Quizes  – 

The Bible compared

to The Quran

Ravi Z about the Quran Bible and Quran Quiz

quiz PDF

Quran verses on violence

toward unbelievers

Quran and Women

Faith conversion from the Quran

Who is Allah? (J Hagee)

 Do Jews, Muslims, and Christians worship the same God?

History of Islam in 5 minutes

Biblical self defense

Religious Passivity

The Crusades

 Sharia law (J Ankerburg)

Face of Islam (R Parsley)

Robin Hood, 1991
The Holy Grail 1975
Kingdom of Heaven 2005
Arn The Knight Templar 2007
First Knight 1995

Radical Islam :

Muslims in Chicago Destruction from Refugees in Britain Terrorist Training in America
Israels requirements for Peace  Bridgett Gabriel on % of radicals?  Paris becomes 3rd world
Muslim Brotherhood

Dearborn Mich., Muslims

Dearborn Update

 Demographics and Fertility rate

Church sign in Idaho

 Islamic Terminology

Scripture for supporting Israel