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We meet every Sunday eve. from 6:00 to 7:00pm.

Conference room at ANEWChurch.TV

724 W Randolph Ave. Enid, OK.

Childcare provided, The class is free.

Call for more info – 580-478-3353.

email us at bereans@anewchurch.tv

Take the next step to grow spiritually as we:
INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, EDUCATE & EQUIP you to share your faith.
This class is for all leaders, volunteers, staff, board members,
Missionaries & potential Ordained ministers. (download brochure)

According to Acts 17:11, Certain people called Bereans, (find us on facebook here) were of more noble character because they searched the scriptures daily to see if what was said was true.

You can find all of our training videos on YOUTUBE here.

We have put together a 12 week semester of Bible study, Discipleship, and Church Leadership training.













CERTIFIED (ORDAINED) INSTRUCTORS: Trey Goodwin, Robert Gober, Marshall Billingslea

………………..Melisa Goodwin, Tasha Billingslea

Graduated students:

David Jamin,  Robert Gober, Scott Coffey,Michael Minkler, Scott Green, Amy Green,

Jay Smith, Macky Prince, Charlie Laws,Mandy Tatro, Dylon Tatro, Reta DeCastro,

John Gaskil, Sheryl Gaskil